The Interactive Whiteboard Market is growing rapidly. Children and teachers across the country have found this interactive product very useful in enhancing learning. An interactive whiteboard is a wide-surface board that is used most often for learning new techniques, sharing ideas, and practicing exercises. The term "interactive" refers to the fact that it can actually be controlled by the teacher or student through a variety of methods such as interaction and response. This type of product allows for endless possibilities when it comes to learning.

Interactive Whiteboards have been available for several years, but they have only gained in popularity over the past five years. These interactive boards are now being purchased by businesses and schools in addition to being found at homes. They are also being used at more gyms and fitness centers because of their versatility. These boards are also perfect for teachers because of their low cost and flexibility in size.

Interactive Whiteboard companies are constantly developing more educational products that utilize the interactive whiteboard concept. Board systems are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Many boards include several computers on them so that multiple users can interact simultaneously. These boards can be controlled with a variety of methods including touchscreens, Braille displays, and visual indicators. Interactive boards can also be programmed with computer-based programs in a variety of languages including Spanish, German, English, and more.

The market for interactive whiteboard products continues to grow every year. Currently there are over 40 manufacturers in the interactive whiteboard industry. Many of these manufacturers have different types of boards that address different uses. The following article will provide information about some of these popular manufacturers.

Omron has developed many different interactive boards for teachers. One of the most innovative boards is the Smart Board. This board is used for many different educational applications. It can be programmed with Braille text and can even be programmed with many languages including Spanish. The Smart Board can also be programmed with mathematical formulas in a variety of languages including German. Other features include touch screens and the ability to be connected to an internet board.

At times it can seem confusing when shopping for whiteboards. Interactive whiteboards from companies such as Altech may be confusing to many consumers. There are interactive whiteboard systems that are equipped with VGA monitors that can be used with LCD monitors as well. Interactive whiteboards from companies such as HP also sometimes have extra buttons that you can push when needed.

Microsoft has also recently released a whiteboard called the Vista Line. This interactive whiteboard allows students to connect to the Internet via their computers. The whiteboard allows the use of numerous interactive tools such as recording lectures and displaying data. The interactive whiteboard also works with Microsoft Office software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The main problem with using the computer is connecting it to the whiteboard. Most computers have problems with this connection. Wireless whiteboards are becoming more popular. These whiteboards work with wireless printers and scanners. They also work with audio visual systems and televisions. Another advantage of wireless whiteboards is that they require no additional hardware to connect to.

There are several manufacturers of this type of whiteboard. Interactive whiteboard from Yamaha and Mitsubishi are two of the most popular. They also make interactive whiteboards with KVA resolution and VGA resolutions. These manufacturers produce many different models and sizes.

There are many companies that produce whiteboards. They include Dell, Microsoft, Pearl Izumi, Logitech, Acrobat, NEC and Sunbeam. The prices range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Some whiteboard brands, such as Yamaha and Mitsubishi also produce desktop whiteboards.

If you are in need of an interactive whiteboard but do not know where to start shopping, try searching online. There are many different websites that sell these interactive whiteboards. Some have discount coupons available for you. Shopping online can save you time and money.