Vineet Pandey

Vice President

Vineet is a Vice President in the BFSI and Renewable and green Energy domains. He is a remarkable research professional with 15+ years of experience in the industry. Vineet is an expert strategist in growth, revenue diversification, and consulting, and is skilled in research due diligence.

He holds expertise in various domains, including chemicals & materials, oil & natural gas, power & offshore wind, consumer goods, mechanical, and supply chain management. With his exceptional skillset, Vineet ensures quality output to our customers by providing thorough guidelines about potential risks and consumer behavior.


Harneet Meher

Sr. Industry Principal

Harneet is a Sr. Industry principal and a research professional with more than 7.5 years of experience in the industry. She leads the Materials and chemicals domain and has a thorough knowledge of the same.

She has a multifaceted quality that lets her manage different domains such as materials and chemicals, food and beverage, machinery, energy & power, and industry equipment. In her free time, she enjoys reading books & industry newsletters, watching online series, and playing different sports.


Amulya Agarwal

Sr. Industry Principal

Amulya has over nine years of experience in the market research industry. He is armed with experience in market research and consultation within ICT, automotive, defense, chemicals, consumer goods, and food and beverages sectors.

His expertise lies in a variety of domains including investment and market entry strategy and commercial due diligence study. He is skilled in helping clients gain up-to-date and thorough analysis of the competitor's portfolio, go-to-market strategies, and industry valuation.


Indranil Bose

Sr. Consultant

Indranil is a Senior Consultant at Growth Market Reports and has 6 years of professional experience in the market research industry. He skillfully manages cross-domain teams and has expertise in Materials and Chemicals.

His expertise lies in strategy development & implementation strategy development forecasting. He skillfully assesses the competitor's portfolios to help our clients implement effective business strategies to stand out as brand.


Vaibhav Chandola

Sr. Consultant

Vaibhav is a Senior Consultant and has a decade of experience in the research industry. He holds expertise in Healthcare and Food and beverage domains. Vaibhav proficiently manages the healthcare domain.

He specializes in designing and delivering customized reports for clients in the pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and medical devices industries. The reports are updated with current market dynamics and the latest IT trends in the healthcare infrastructures, which reap benefits for clients.



Sr. Principal Consultant

Partha is an experienced market research professional who has over 9 years of experience in the industry. He is skilled and versatile. He manages multiple domains including energy and power, chemicals and materials, food and beverages, consumer goods and packaging, and manufacturing.


Raksha Sharma

Business Analyst

Raksha is a Business Analyst with 4+ years of professional experience in the market research industry. She holds a master's degree in pharmacy and has a special interest in it. Her expertise lies in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare IT, Life Sciences, Food and beverage, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices domains.

She is skilled in Qualitative and Quantitative research, Market Engineering, Data Mining, Forecasting Techniques, Product Pricing Analysis, and Consumer Survey Design & Execution. In her free time, Raksha enjoys acquiring new skills, art, volunteering, traveling, and skating.


Akash Vedpathak

Business Analyst

Akash is a Business Analyst and has 5+ years of professional experience in the market research industry. His expertise lies in the Software, Technology, Media & Telecommunication, and Automotive domains.

He skillfully works in different domains and has core competencies that include Market Assessment, Data Sourcing and Mining Techniques, Consumer Products and research, Pricing Analysis, Market Sizing, and Forecasting Analysis. Akash enjoys cooking food, playing sports, and reading books in his free time.


Aamir Ansari

Principle Analyst

Aamir is a principal analyst in the Aerospace and defense and Energy and Power Domain. He delivers high-quality data-driven insights to drive informed decisions. Aamir earned his Diploma in Information Technology from V.P.M.S Polytechnic, Mumbai, India.

His expertise lies in market sizing, trend analysis, and forecasting. He thrives on identifying opportunities for growth and optimizing business strategies.


Riddhesh Dani

Research Analyst

Riddhesh is a skilled research analyst with 4+ years of professional experience in market research for commodity, and specialty chemicals. He holds a specialized degree in Business Analytics from BITS Pilani.

He follows a detail-oriented approach toward his work and focuses on effective problem-solving. He has a combined knowledge of core chemical science and engineering with expertise in the fields of business analytics, product management, and market research. In his free time, Riddhesh likes to listen to music and play Tabla.


Swarup Sahu

Research Analyst

Swarup is a research analyst with over 3 years of experience in the domains of Banking & Information Technology, Electronics, and Automotive.

He has a proven ability to scrutinize data for conducting comparative analysis and identifying trends. With his Master in Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from the School of Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India, he is competent in conducting market and brand share analysis and providing market insights to make informed business decisions.


Debadatta Patel

Research Analyst

Debadatta is a skilled research analyst in the Consumer Goods domain. He has 2+ years of experience in Market Research Industry. He has a qualification in MBA marketing from Ramachandran Institute of International Management, Pune.

He excels in Data Crunching, Competitive Landscape, and Market stimulation of pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer goods, and other markets. To enjoy his free time, Debadatta likes to watch movies and read fictional novels.


Anuradha B. More

Research Analyst

Anuradha is a skilled research analyst in the Food and beverages domain with 4+ years of experience in the market research industry. She is also proficient in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications domains. She pursued a master's in Technology from Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune, India, and is passionate about her job.

She specializes in market analysis, market sizing, data visualization, reporting, and presentation, and focuses on group management. In her free time, Anuradha likes to dance and sing as a hobby.


Shruti Bhat

Senior Editor

Shruti Bhat is a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set as a content manager and specializes in the ICT domain. Her meticulous editorial oversights ensure that content is not only engaging but also adheres to the industry’s best practices.

In the ICT domain, Shruti’s expertise shines as she remains at the forefront of technological developments and provides valuable insights. Her ability to bridge the gap between technological intricacies and accessible content makes her an invaluable asset in this


Shreyas Tandon

Junior Editor

Shreyas is an editor and expert in aerospace & defense, as well as automotive & logistics. He also worked with us as a writer and has extensive knowledge about energy & power. Shreyas has worked on various types of documents, including press releases, research documents, blogs, social media content, articles, and case studies, among others.

He aims to provide high-quality research with well-documented data and statistics to the clients. He is well-versed with the recent updates in the industry and has a kee


Ranjit Pankhade

Junior Editor

With a specialized focus on the Banking and Financial Sector, Ranjit is proficient in tailoring the content for industry-specific audiences. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the intrinsic nuances of the complex Banking and Financial sector, which allows him to produce insightful and industry-specific content that resonates with both financial experts and laypersons.

Ranjit has a keen eye for detail and a passion for crafting compelling narratives. He excels in producing high-quality, engaging con


Rucha Phatak

Junior Editor

Rucha Phatak joined the company as a content writer, and she is currently working in a capacity of a junior editor. Her work consists of reviewing and editing research reports according to the industry standards.

Rucha has an extensive interest in the construction & manufacturing and materials & chemicals domains. With the literature background, it helps her work with other teams and edit different types of content to adhere to the company values.


Aman Singh

Junior Editor

As an editor, Aman oversees the editing of reports. His work mainly involves editing reports and research documents according to industry standards and client requirements. It also involves collaborating with research, marketing, and HR teams to generate error-free reports and develop high-quality content.

Aman specializes in editing reports related to the consumer goods and food & beverage domain and assists in editing cross-domain reports as well.


Swapnil Hedau

Junior Editor

As an editor, Swapnil ensures that all the written materials is of high-quality and error-free. He has a passion for and knowledge of the energy & power sector, making him an expert in that field.

He coordinates with the research, the marketing, and the content teams to manage content areas in order to meet accuracy and quality standards. He is responsible for proofreading and editing content, including research documents, articles, press releases, and blogs.


Vishal Golekar

Junior Editor

Vishal is a Healthcare Editor, with substantial expertise in diverse healthcare topics. He has extensively researched, written, and edited on a vast range of healthcare topics during the last five years. He possesses an elaborate understanding of the current trends in healthcare and HealthTech.

He is an avid reader of topics based on physical fitness, mental well-being, and healthy diet. Along with this, he likes to keep himself updated with the latest happenings in geopolitical affairs.