Web analytics refers to the collection, analysis, and monitoring of web site visitor data to learn and maximize web site usage. Web analytics isn't simply a means for measuring web site traffic; it can also be utilized as a powerful tool for market and business analysis and measure and improve web site performance. Web analytics applications are generally available to everyone on a monthly or annual basis. If you need your analytics platform to meet a specific need, then you may want to opt for a web analytics platform that is flexible enough to meet your goals.

Some common web analytics packages available today are: KISSmetrics, NetSuite, Google Analytics, Yahoo Webmaster Tools, and Microsoft Site Meter. KISSmetrics is perhaps the best known and most widely used analytics software package on the internet. KISSmetrics offers both web-based and browser-based analytics capabilities, including, email notification, web server accessibility, search engine visibility, user participation, user activity delivery, statistics, custom reports, integration with other programs, and lots more. KISSmetrics also integrates with PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC), an award-winning marketing software company.

Some popular Web Analytics Tool

Another popular web analytics tool is Yahoo's Social Media Metrics. Social Metrics offers comprehensive report on every social media marketing efforts, including target market, behavior, and demographics. This web analytics tools reports provide insight into the effectiveness of different social media channels for marketing and sales campaigns. For example, this package provides information on the number of unique visitors to a brand's page and the number of visitors who performed a search on a brand's page.

Another popular web analytics tool is Microsoft's Key phrases Viewer. When you install this web analytics software, it opens a new window where you can see all the search results for all keywords that have been used by potential customers. You can clearly see which search phrases your competitors are using and use similar keywords in order to increase your website traffic and in turn, improve your bottom line. This advanced Key phrases Viewer tool also helps you to analyze your keyword competition and identify your weak areas in order to strengthen your online presence.

Open source solution: Open source web analytics tool Matomo is another great choice for any business seeking to enhance their online presence. Matomo works as both a website analyzer and content aggregator. You can easily create content and ads using Matomo, and it even allows you to share your content with the community through an easy-to-use web interface. You can use Matomo to track your website traffic and competitor websites. In addition to that, Matomo is open source and free to use.

If you need data on your website traffic and competitor's site performance, you should definitely check out Aweber. This web analytics solution automatically sends you important data like number of unique visits, number of page views, time visited etc. This data is provided on a daily basis. AWeber is completely free and super easy to install and use.

There are many other web analytics solutions available in the market. However, if you want to conduct a complete online analysis of your website traffic and competitor's websites then you definitely need to use the right tools for the right job. It is advisable to hire a professional company that offers web analytics solutions for small businesses. Once you get the data, you can always refine your strategies to increase online visibility and business profits. These web analytics tools are not only beneficial for large organizations but small local businesses as well.

Web analytics solutions provide businesses with real-time web analytics and report generation. Data analytics provides valuable information that can be used to make quick and effective decisions. Some of the solutions also allow for integrated search engine marketing. The first thing you need to do is understand your requirements before hiring any web analytics company. As we all are different and have different needs, so you need to select the appropriate web analytics solution that meets your requirements.