According to a recent market study published by Growth Market Reports, titled, “Global Sports Supplements Market by Type, by Product, by Gender, by Age, by Distribution Channel and by Region: Size, Share, Trends and Opportunity Analysis, 2016-2031”, the market was valued at US$ 26,513.08 million in 2031 and is anticipated to expand at a growth rate of 7.2% in the forecasted period 2022-2031.

Sports supplements are products that provide concentrated nutrients to support athletic performance, training, and recovery. They supplement a balanced diet and exercise routine, aiming to improve physical abilities and training outcomes. The sports supplements industry is growing rapidly, due to the increasing demand for fitness and performance enhancement worldwide. Sports supplements include protein powders, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, creatine, and pre/post-workout formulations. They are used by athletes and active individuals to address specific needs such as muscle gain, improved recovery, and increased stamina. However, sports supplements should be used responsibly and in accordance with a nutrition plan and exercise routine.

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The Global Sports Supplements Market has been segmented in terms of by Type, by Product Type, by Gender, by Age, and by Distribution Channel. In terms of type, the Global Sports Supplements Market is segmented into Pre-Workout, Post-Workout, During Workout. Based on Product Type, the Market is segmented into Protein, Aminos, Vitamins & Mineral, and Others. On the basis of Gender, the market is fragmented into Male and Female. Based on Distribution Channel, the market is divided into Online & Offline. Considering regions, the market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the demand for Sports Supplements due to the closure of gyms, and fitness centers, and the cancellation or postponement of sporting events. Many individuals were no longer engaged in their regular exercise routines, leading them to cut back on their supplement consumption.  The pandemic had a multifaceted impact on the sports supplements market. It brought challenges in terms of disrupted supply chains, closures of fitness-related establishments, and changes in consumer spending behavior. Products such as protein powders, vitamins, and workout enhancers gained popularity among those looking to optimize their at-home workouts. It also presented opportunities through the rise of home workouts, increased emphasis on health & immunity, and the acceleration of e-commerce trends. The long-term trajectory of the sports supplements market is likely be influenced by how these trends continue to evolve post-pandemic.

Key Takeaways from the Study:

  • Players in the Global Sports Supplements Market Glanbia PLC (BSN Supplements), Nutrabolt, BellRing Brands, Inc., GNC Holdings, LLC, Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. (MuscleTech), Labrada Nutrition Inc., ProSupps USA, LLC, THG PLC, Ultimate Nutrition, and BPI Sports. These players held a major share of the Global Sports Supplements Market in 2022.

  • Consumers are increasingly consuming sports supplements to support their health and fitness goals and to practice self-care and personal development. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 1 billion people participate in sports events and activities for healthy lifestyles. Consumers are aware of the health hazards of physical inactivity, and they use sports supplements to enhance their fitness levels and performance. Sports supplements are products that contain pills, drinks, and powders that help to improve muscle mass, endurance, and weight management. They help to boost fatigue resistance and technical performance in sports as well as improve reaction time and muscular strength.

  • Sports supplements, such as protein powders and meal replacement shakes, are often used to assist weight loss or muscle gain efforts. The food industry invests a lot in the development, production, and distribution of sports supplements for professional athletes and general consumers. As a result, the market for sports supplements is growing, due to the rising consumer awareness about health and fitness.

  • Sports supplements registered significant growth and have continued to evolve over the past few decades, due to increased accessibility and affordability of sports supplements. It has attracted a large number of sports people and large demographic groups outside of the elite class. Participation of people in the middle-income bracket has dramatically expanded, creating growth opportunities. Increasing use of sports supplements across various demographics is creating a large consumer base, thus creating growth opportunities for manufacturers and retailers of sports supplements.

  • Based on type, the global sports supplements market is segmented into pre-workout, post-workout, and during workout. The pre-workout segment is predominantly driven to they provide energy and focus before a workout. They typically contain caffeine, creatine, and beta-alanine, which help athletes with improved performance. Pre-workout supplements are becoming popular among people who are looking to improve their overall fitness and energy levels.

  • Based on product, the global sports supplements market is segmented protein, amino, vitamins & minerals, and others. The protein segment held largest market share 2022. Protein supplements are one of the popular types of sports supplements. This can be attributed to the increasing awareness among consumers about the benefits of protein supplements for muscle recovery, growth, and overall athletic performance. Plant-based protein supplements have gained significant popularity, due to the increasing adoption of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

  • Based on gender, the global sports supplements market is segmented into male and female. The male segment drives the market. In the male segment, products containing protein, creatine, and BCAAs remain popular choices among men, who are aiming to enhance their athletic performance. There has been a growing demand for products with performance-enhancing ingredients such as nitric oxide boosters, caffeine, and beta-alanine.

  • Based on age, the global sports supplements market is segmented into teenagers (up to 19 years), adults (19 to 45 years) and seniors (above 45 years). Adults from ages 19 to 45 years old are increasingly focusing on supplements to increase performance and recovery. Athletes and individuals in this segment are increasingly interested in supplements tailored to individual goals and needs. Additionally, trend towards holistic health has led to a rising interest in supplements that are promoting joint health, cognitive function, and immune support for both performance-oriented tasks as well as for general well-being.

  • Based on distribution channel, the global sports supplements market is segmented into online and offline. The online distribution of sports supplements has witnessed significant growth in recent years, due to convenience and the wide range of options available in online retail channels. E-commerce platforms offer discounts and promotions, which make them an affordable option to purchase sports supplements from.

  • Based on region, the Global Sports Supplements Market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. The North American region is holding the highest share of the global Sports Supplements market owing to the rise in health awareness among consumers that resulted in increased demand for these products. The European region is projected to witness substantial growth in the Sports Supplements market due to the strong potential for innovative products that cater to specific needs, like muscle recovery, hydration, and energy boost

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Glanbia PLC (BSN Supplements), Nutrabolt, BellRing Brands, Inc., GNC Holdings, LLC, Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. (MuscleTech), Labrada Nutrition Inc., ProSupps USA, LLC, THG PLC, Ultimate Nutrition, and BPI Sports.

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