The portable blender is one of the most trusted appliances that we have at home. They make preparing smoothies, soups and sauces a much easier task to do. They are also a must have in most households, especially those with small children around. There are many different types of portable blenders available in the market. However, the design and the functions they offer may vary greatly from one model to another.

In fact, the blender market itself has evolved so much that it has acquired a lot of sub-designs. We have a number of different models for you to choose from according to your preferences. Some blenders are designed to be used on the stovetop, others are intended to be used on counter tops and still others may be handheld which are smaller than their stovetop counterparts and can easily fit in a kitchen drawer. The size of the blender you need is entirely dependent on your needs and your kitchen space. You should also take into consideration the price of these blenders as they vary widely from one another.

The portability of the blender is what initially attracts people to make use of them. They are easy to carry and may even be folded for convenience as well as space considerations. These blenders are made of high-quality materials, which help to make them long lasting and provide years of reliable service.

There are several models of these blenders that have a variety of built-in steamer heads to cater to individual needs. For example, there is the mini handheld which has a compact body and a number of various attachments. These include a whisk broom, a grinder attachment, a face masking brush and various measuring devices. They are also fitted with replaceable heads which allow users to adjust the speed of the motor accordingly. It is also possible to store them in pantry drawers and under counter spaces. It may have several cup jugs attached to it as well.

There is the full-size blenders which is available in three variants - the hand held, the stand up and the vertical. They have a capacity to blend thirty cups of blended food. Some of the designs include a whisk, an immersion circulator and a vibrating whip. They can be used effectively for blending sauces and also for whipping creams and yogurts as well.

Hand blenders come in two variants - those which can be bought with an optional bowl set and those that do not. If you want a container to be used for stirring and whisking soups, whisking oils, beating eggs, grinding cheese or other ingredients then there is no use in purchasing those with bowls. It may be an extra expenditure, but there may be times when you need to use the bowl set. Some of the hand-held ones are very reasonably priced and are ideal for a home kitchen. Portable ones may also be purchased and used while traveling. However, they may not be as powerful as the electric ones as they may have a shorter endurance.

Stand up blenders too, are very useful and can be used as a power blender or a replacement for it. Those with attachments available may be more powerful than the stand-alone ones. They may be able to chop, mince, sieve as well as puree all at the same time. They come in three variants gas, electrical as well as battery operated.

The electric blenders are the best suited to be used for commercial purposes as they can be very precise and controlled. They may also be used as blending drums as well as meat grinders. There are many designs available in the market, so that any buyer may go through the various options available.