A paper shredder is an electronic device used to cut paper into small pieces or shreds. Most people, including the military, use shredders these days to destroy both confidential and personal records. Paper shredders can be found in homes, offices, garages, and even in banks. Paper shredders come in different shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Below are the types of paper shredders found in households today.

The first type is the most common and widely used today, the sectional paper shredder. It comes with four metal pieces that are joined by means of a central hinge and a safety lock. The four sections of the shredder are side-by-side and the bottom is lower than the top. The shredder has an opening on top for the user to insert the paper. The four sides of the shredder have rows of teeth that will shred paper quickly and easily.

Some models have automatic security features that will detect when the paper jambs are completely removed, will stop the shredding process, and will call for help immediately.

Next is the belt-driven paper shredder. Like the previous type, the belt that is powered by the motor is located inside the machine and the shredders use a metal channel as the channel for the belt. The belt may be rotated by hand or by a remote control. Several modern models have an option to shred T-shirt, plastic, metal, and paper materials.

The third type is the tabletop or desktop paper shredder. This is designed for single-sheet capacity documents such as credit card bills. In this particular model, the shredder uses a rotating blade that shreds paper as the shredder spins.

Table top shredders are usually made from steel or aluminum. A heavy-duty tabletop shredder can even shred long documents with no problem at all. They have strong, solid blades that shreds through thick documents. These types also have an added feature for strip cutting capabilities. The shredding strips are located at the bottom of the machine and are used to shred long and short sheets of paper.

Paper Shredder Guide

There are also different options available in the designs and security features of a paper shredder machine. The most important feature that you should look for is what kind of cutting blades it possesses. There are three kinds of cutting blades: safety blades, regular cutting blades, and diamond cutting blades. Each of these blade types has its own advantages and disadvantages. The diamond-style blade, for example, has the highest cutting strength among all the blades.

Security features are also a major consideration when purchasing a paper shredder. There are many security features that a shredder machine should possess to ensure the safety of the information that is being shredded. There is the use of a chapter break, a non-magnetic cutting device, a water-tight seal, and a safety lock.

Other important things to consider include recycling and composting capabilities. There are a lot of recycled nowadays that also make paper shredders. Some companies also provide the option of paper shredding and recycling. Some recyclers segregate recyclable materials into plastic bags and containers then recycle them. After a while, these materials are used again as mulch. There are also companies that compost cardboard waste and turn it into biodegradable fertilizer.

Another important feature of a paper shredder is that it should be able to shred documents effectively. Many shredders have different types of cutting discs. A good shredder should be able to cut through numerous documents with ease. A good shredder should also be capable of cutting through metal including office chairs.

A good paper shredder should have different options when it comes to shredding different types of documents. It should be able to shred checks and receipts, smaller-sized legal-sized documents, and even micro-sized business documents. Some shredders also have options for removing different parts of a document such as the upper portion or the lower portion of the document. There are also some paper shredders that can produce a confetti-like finish on top of the documents.

Paper Shredder Feed Rate

Another important thing to look for in a paper shredder is the feed rate. The feed rate is the number of sheets that a paper shredder can shred per minute. The higher the feed rate, the faster the documents will be shredded. It's not uncommon to find high-end shredders that can shred thousand sheets per minute. However, if you are dealing with large amounts of documents then you may not need to go with one of these high-end shredders. All it takes is a good, old-fashioned shredder to get the job done.