The cable television networks industry is expected to experience a large fragmented picture and is highly competitive. The geographical landscape of the cable television networks industry is due to the presence of plethora of small and mid-sized players. The cable television industry is witnessing intense competition, which is being broadly spread over two segments - pay per view (PPV) and linear spectrum. The cable television industry is witnessing intense competition over the pay per view segment. The pay per view business model is also being affected by the recent spectrum wars.

In the near future, cable television networks are looking forward to expand their portfolio to include high-definition channels. There are several reasons for such a move. High-definition channels are attracting a sizeable audience that is increasing every month. There is also a need for such a channel, because the sports audiences are becoming very ardent about watching high definition matches and games.

Portfolio expansion of Cable Television Networks

The cable television networks are offering such channels in a way to make up for the lost revenue. Many television providers are offering free HD channels to attract people. In a broader perspective, there is also a need to enhance the quality of service provided by cable operators to win customer confidence. This is being done by bundling features such as local channels and pay per view features into one package.

The major reason for this move is to improve the user experience and reduce costs at the end consumer level. The digital revolution is also bringing about radical changes at the grass root level. Digital signage has reached the retail level in India. This has led to widespread deployment of LCD displays and touch screen monitors to enhance customer experience. The Digital signage applications in retail have led to better merchandising and improved bottom-line profits.

The end consumers of Cable TV in India are getting smarter and are demanding more from their service providers. They want more out of their subscription services. One of the common features that the customers are demanding today from their networks is higher resolution in High Definition Picture mode. Digital Signage provides the required clarity and resolution in this mode, which has not been possible until now.

There are other channels being offered by Cable television Networks like news, entertainment, sport and others. Apart from the free HD channels offered by cable operators in the US and UK, most of the Indian viewers prefer to have free-to-air channels like news, entertainment, sport and others. Free to air (FTA) television channels in India offers a variety of channels to the end consumer. There are large number of Pay-Per-View channels also being introduced in India to make the experience of watching television more interesting and entertaining.

All the digital content providers are moving towards digital signage as they feel that this will be a perfect platform to increase their customer base. They offer a range of high definition channels for the customers to choose from to increase the value of their subscription services. As digital content becomes cheaper with each passing day, the cable television networks industry is regaining its confidence and reputation in the eyes of the consumers. They are making very wise decisions to offer digital content on free of cost with attractive packages and appealing offers. It is also bringing immense profit for their business operations.

Majority of the cable television services operators have already started installing DVR machines in their cabling network. The DVR machines help the end users to record the shows or films and then re watch it at any convenient time. They play the recorded programmes without interrupting the flow of the programme. With these technologically advanced DVR equipment of Cable television services operators, one can save lots of time, money and efforts.